Psoriasis health.

How many people take for granted smooth, soft, silky skin

The truth is rarely pure and never simple

Oscar Wilde

Until recently, I had not met any doctor that was able to provide relief or quality advice on living with Psoriasis. Their usual line is to prescribe topical steroids, costing 100’s, that didn’t work…

I have learned by building this website, that through trial and error, with a plan set in motion over months, you will see results if you can commit to the task of understanding what works for you…

Any fool can know. The point is to understand

Albert Einstein

My wife and I were at a country hotel earlier in 2021, just after a lot of Covid restrictions started to ease. We were sitting in the garden in our shorts, enjoying the sunshine, when the waiter arrived with our drinks….the next 10 minutes were a revelation and it started like this…….”As a fellow Psoriasis sufferer, like you sir, I know these hot days are not great”, as he spoke he indicated that he had seen the psoriasis plaques on my legs. As you can see from the picture below, its not something you’d miss. And most of my legs are covered in similar outbreaks.

A picture of the psoriasis on my calf.
Psoriasis on my calf

It occurred to me that I had not met someone with severe or chronic Psoriasis before. As he spoke, I became aware that this moment was poignant, as he was speaking about something I knew so well.

He spoke about embarrassment, people shaming him when he is out and about (which results in a lot of people covering up – which is the worst thing you can do), how it saps the energy out of you, how it causes depression and the hope you get with a cream, that gives some relief. As he spoke and described his experience I realised that there is a huge need to get people talking about Psoriasis and to clear up some of the myths and discuss the facts about the disease

………… funny but after he left I think it was the first time my wife truly understood how difficult it can sometimes be……… and the thought stuck in my head……. ok its time to do something about this………. and this is the story about how this website came to be….

My singular goal is to create a resource that may be of benefit to other people that suffer with this disease….. I’m not a Dr (my wife is), I simply have Psoriasis… and I have learned a few truths and if I am being honest (which is the point).. there is too much dis-information…. so lets set the record straight, here is my list of confessionals……..

My confessional

  • How many types of topical steroids have I used, that did not work.
  • How many creams of cold tar that destroyed clothing and sheets.
  • How many soaps, that never worked.
  • How many salt baths, or hours of standing in the sea.
  • Cracking up under the sun, because UV light is supposed to help.
  • Moisturisers after moisturisers, another new moisturiser.
  • As the years went by, the scales spread and the condition worsened.
  • I live in shorts and t-shirts even in the winter as it does not feel so bad.
  • I got a brilliant hand hoover that helps clean up as I moult skin plaque everywhere.
  • Apologising to kind friends after a night over in their house with my wife, as I moult on their beautiful new furniture.
  • And as I type this I can feel the itch, on my head, the cracked skin on my legs, thighs, back, stomach, shoulders and places I’d simply rather not say.

So today its enough, I’m 50 I have severe psoriasis and I am going to share everything I plan to do to get this under control. 3rd August 21

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