Change is in the air

I continued from the last blog, with great enthusiasm but as the days past, I found that my brave statement about dealing with the sting of the Dermalex was to be my undoing.

Bottom line is that while the Dermalex is showing results, I jumped in and used it on over half of my Psoriasis patches several times a day, which resulted in a level of discomfort that I just could not endure.

I got to a point where I could not handle the constant sting on my buttocks and thighs and I was unable to sit comfortably for longer than 30 minutes.

The Dermalex is working but it’s a very harsh treatment, so I’m now only applying to my feet and to my left lower leg, as I can handle the sting and I’ll see how that goes for a while.

I think that this is the type of thing that has happened in the past, where the treatment becomes “gnarly = very difficult or challenging to deal with” and as a result we naturally give up, rather than push through. As I look back on the “creams and mistakes” page, it’s clearly listed under Mistake 3 and Mistake 6.

So there you have it, I got to a point that all people with Psoriasis get to, we get close to giving up, due to the consequences of treatment. Only this time, I have already committed to working through these mistakes very publicly on a Blog, so if I am true to my word, I need to battle on.

Fortune favours the brave

Old Roman proverb, Fortuna was the god of luck.

Again this is where the persistent nature of Psoriasis treatment needs to be employed, so I took a trip to Boots (a large pharmacy chain), to see if there was anything else I could try. And as it happened I ran out of Doublebase moisturiser, so I had a valid reason to go.

I am so glad that I took that trip.

BOOTS have an “own brand” range of treatments called Dermacare Psoriasis which I decided to try. Wow is the word that comes to mind.

The tube is quite small, 30ml for 9.99 which is expensive, when compared to the price of Dermalex, which is 150ml for 24.99. I’ll go into more detail on the active ingredient, but for now I am quite taken back by the immediate result.

Usually these treatments are slow, but this is one seems to be showing results in a very short space of time, its not stinging my more sensitive skin areas (buttocks, thighs, back) and its already showing a reduction in plaque production, redness, irritation and itch.

What does all this mean….. Well I think it falls into the same pattern:

  1. When we find a treatment that gets a result, it’s easy to go all in.
  2. However that’s not the best idea, as the same treatment will not work for all of your skin, due to thickness and sensitivity. (Guilty of that mistake again)
  3. The Dermalex is a suitable treatment for less sensitive skin or maybe for a smaller amount of patches.
  4. If you hit a difficult patch, breath, regroup and make a balanced judgment.
  5. Find out where the treatment works, and stick with that treatment for that skin area. Thats after all a result, but maybe not the one “miracle” cure for everything.
  6. I’ve several other treatments ordered and/or under investigation and I will produce some pages on these, and their active ingredients, so that I know what’s working for me.

  • I am also conscious that while certain treatments may work for me, they may not work for you. So the objective is to show the process and share the honest mistakes, missteps and trial and error.
  • Stick with it, I’m already feeling more positive as I am activly working on the problem.
  • And finally, as I am actively working on this regime, careful rinsing, treatment, and daily moisturising (several times), the overall irritation and itch levels have decreased. Which means I am getting sleep. (So focus on the wins!! and work the problems) 🙂

More in a week…..Psoriasis health online Sunday 26th Sept 2021

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