Subtle Progress

The site has a new logo. Easy enough to make using

And I have had some more progress with the treatments.

The last picture was a bad time, the middle showed that it was still spreading (you can see that in the top right of both pictures)

The first picture is a happy place. There is a marked difference and in fact there is a lot of difference:

  • The redness is significantly reduced.
  • The skin is not raised anymore.
  • There’s no cracking.
  • There’s no itch.
  • There’s no pain.
  • There’s no irritation.
  • The red patch appears almost translucent.
  • It feels like normal skin.

Ive been plastering this specific patch with the new Boots Treatment.

Notice the differences – less angry. This is progress

This is spurring me on to learn more. Little wins. Psoriasis Health Online 3rd October 2021

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