the goal is skin free of Psoriasis

Slowing down

I decided to slow down with the blog, to allow myself to synchronise with the cadence of the blog. Mostly I needed to take a bit of time to figure out what next. You see the Psoriasis is not in remission yet. What’s happened is: Most patches have stopped forming plaques. My skin has stoppedContinue reading “Slowing down”

Psoriasis relief

This week is a good week. I have a huge amount of relief. I’ve gone from this: My Psoriasis has covered my feet, legs, thighs, buttocks, private parts, stomach, back, forearms, armpits, shoulders and scalp. There are very few places that it was not on.. I am at month 4 of a very concerted effortContinue reading “Psoriasis relief”

Food and more food

I’ve always been the foodie in the family. Well before I was married, before I was finished secondary school (pre-university), I had an adventurous palette. If mum wanted someone to try something, I was always the first to put up my hand. And as those teen years transformed into early twenties, I was eager toContinue reading “Food and more food”

Taking stock

I was thinking that maybe this blog is nothing more than an outlet for my complaining. Grumpy man syndrome… but if it was then it would contain no benefit for either the reader or myself. I realise that there is a quantifiable benefit, in both mental and physical health by writing down the journey andContinue reading “Taking stock”

Ebb and flow

I used the ripple of water metaphor in an earlier blog to say that stress and crisis moments in life do pass. Another metaphor is the expression “Ebb and flow”, typically describing the ebb or receding tide, followed by the inevitable flow or return of the tide… and so it is with treating Psoriasis… RememberContinue reading “Ebb and flow”

The diet blog

I mention dietary decisions as being a trigger or factor in Psoriasis on several blogs. Some schools of thought would say that while Psoriasis is multi factorial (meaning that it’s complex), diet is a key factor and probably the one we have most control over. I have several family members and friends that attest toContinue reading “The diet blog”

A doctor

At the start of this journey I stated on the main page of the website that “no Dr had provided relief or quality advice on living with Psoriasis, and all they do is prescribe topical steroids that never work” I decided to deal with both of these elements “Dr’s” and “steroids”… so at the beginningContinue reading “A doctor”


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