This is one of the lesser known problems with Psoriasis – the impact on mental health and the general feeling of well-being.

Imagine that your skin was burning and how the pain felt.

Imagine a chronic itch that you could scratch til it bled.

Imagine how by simply stretching, your paper thin skin cropped apart and bled

Imagine how uncomfortable you would be your if these irritations, bleeding, pain and itch were on you elbows, knees, thighs, buttocks, scalp, forearms, calf’s, shins..

To be honest, you get to a level, where you simply accept the above as normal. As that’s exactly what Psoriasis feels like.

I added the picture on the home page of the soft sand with the beach grass as it was an image I could reference. We all know that great feeling of walking in the sand on a warm day.. it’s great, the sand is silk between your toes and it’s a gentle cushion.. a joy to walk upon. Just like smooth skin. But oh how sore it’s is underfoot when you step on that rough tough beach grass. You just need to step on it once or twice to be on alert to avoid it. Well that rough grass is the Psoriasis plaque, but in our world it’s unavoidable. That discomfort and pain is there all the time.. this is where you are and you phase in and out of being strong and completely exhausted.

I guess that the lack of sleep, due to the constant irritation is the one point in the equation. A lack of sleep directly increases Psoriasis, so your in a feedback loop.

Relaxing the constant skin irritation, pain and discomfort becomes the number one goal.

Above right knee two weeks ago
Above right knee today 19 Sept 21

The main observations are the cracked lines have subdued, it certainly looks like the patch has gotten bigger, but equally it’s not irritating, plaque production has slowed (it’s not shedding as much), and certain parts of the patch have had zero plaque production, which may be the beginning of normalisation of skin production or not. Hair growth has returned to my knee, which I am guessing is an indication of some improvement in skin health.

I’m remaining positive and keeping the work up on the moisturiser and treatment with Dermalex.

The other big wins are that sleep is starting to get better. So with a reduction in irritation comes an increase in sleep, therefore even before we look for general Psoriasis improvement, we are on the right track.

More sleep will help ease Psoriasis and break the cycle of irritation pain and exhaustion. And that’s due to constant 3x times a day moisturiser and treatment for the last two weeks.

What a brilliant result, a small win which I will take, but my key take away is that this is a slow process, so going back to the mistakes. Commit to the skin regime, commit to trying to find little wins and over time the first few seeds will grow, irritation will reduce and sleep will return.!